Matt Hales

208 Dryden Road · Ithaca, NY 14853 · (949) 630 8804 ·

Welcome! My name is Matt Hales and I am currently in my first semester of my Masters of Engineering Program at Cornell University, pursuing a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Here, you can find information regarding my academics endeavours as well as my extracurricular interests and personal interests.


Cornell University

Masters of Engineering
Ithaca, New York
Electrical and Computer Engineering - Focus in Embedded Systems and Computer Architecture
August 2022 - May 2023

Cornell University

Bachelor of Science
Ithaca, New York
Electrical and Computer Engineering - Focus in Embedded Systems and Computer Architecture
August 2018 - May 2022

Laguna Hills High School

Laguna Hills, California
September 2015 - June 2018

Course Projects

Undergraduate Level:

Digital Logic Image                 C/C++ Coding Image

ECE 4250: Digital Signal Processing         ECE 2400: Introduction to C/C++

Embedded Systems Image                 Intelligent Physical Systems Image

 ECE 3140: Embedded Systems               ECE 3400: Intelligent Physical


Embedded Systems Image                

   ECE 4760: Digital Systems              

Graduate Level:

Embedded Operating Systems Image                 Intelligent Physical Systems Image

ECE 5725: Embedded Operating             ECE 5775: High Level Digital

                    Systems                                                  Design Automation

Masters of Engineering Project

This will be updated soon!


Disneyland Photo                 Kauai Photo

                 Disneyland                                                           Kauai

Nature Photo                 Blizzard photos

              Nature Photos                                           Blizzard the Pup

NOTE: All photos published here are my own. None of these photos have been taken from anyone and please do not republish these, thank you.


Competitive swimming has always been a huge part of my life. I started swimming at a very young age and from the age of 6 to 20 years old, I was a competitive swimmer. Over the years, I went from just learning to swim, to joining a summer league, to swimming for a club team, to swimming for the Cornell Mens Varsity Swim and Dive team during my freshman year of university.

My Best Times

Event Time
50 Yard Freestyle 21.59 seconds
100 Yard Freestyle 46.50 seconds
200 Yard Freestyle 1:39.38
500 Yard Freestyle 4:29.27
1000 Yard Freestyle 9:19.91
1650 Yard Freestyle 15:40.40
400 Yard Individual Medley 4:02.12

Club and Collegiate Swimming

From age 9 to 19, I swam for the Mission Viejo Nadadores, in Mission Viejo, California, beginning my swimming career with them in the 9/10 year old divison. At the age of 12, I represented Southern California Swimming in the 2011 North American Challenge Cup, an international competition between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Eventually, I climbed the ranks and joined the Nadadores' National Group, under Head Coach Bill Rose, at the age of 14, where I continued to train for 5 more years. During my high school career. I swam for my the Varsity Team and, as Captain, led the team to its first League Championship in 19 years. During my senior year of high school, I committed to Cornell University to swim for their Varsity Team and that was one of the best decisions I had ever made, as the friends I had the privilege of swimming with are some of the hardest working, caring, and supportive teammates I have ever had. Being apart of the team at Cornell was such an amazing experience and I would never trade my swimming career and the people I've met over the years for anything. To those of you who have supported me and pushed me harder and harder every day in practice, thank you. It's because of these people that I learned the true meaning of teamwork and discipline and I am forever grateful for it.

My Swimming Career Photo Gallery

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Matt Swimming 200 yard Freestyle
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Me swimming the 200 yard freestyle
Diving into the 500 yard freestyle
Diving into the anchor leg of the relay to bring it home!
Diving into the anchor leg of the relay to bring it home!
Diving into the 400 meter freestyle with some of my teammates
Laguna Hills High School CIF Finals Team 2018
Laguna Hills High School CIF Prelims Team 2018
Mission Viejo Nadadores Futures Team 2017
Me with my twin brother Chris and good friend Maija
Laguna Hills High School wins their first League Championship Title in 19 years, 2017
Diving at Cornell
Diving at Cornell
Cornell Men's Team in the locker room before our trimeet with Harvard and Dartmouth
Psyching each other up during our 4x100 free relay during our Harvard/Dartmouth Meet
Swimming the 200 yard freestlye at our trimeet with Princeton and UPenn
Getting ready to race the 500 yard freestyle at one of our championship meets
Getting ready to race the 500 yard freestyle at one of our championship meets
Diving into the 500 yard freestyle at one of our championship meets
Racing my teammates during practice


Apart from being an Electrical and Computer Engineering major, I love to spend time with friends. At home, going to the beach and getting some sun again after Ithaca turned me pale white is always a good move.

When forced indoors, especially during the pandemic, I've spent my time FaceTiming friends and playing old video games I havent played in a while. I helped my cousin build a new computer and if anyone wants to play some Warzone, Destiny 2, or Battlefield 4, let's do it! I've also been watching some new shows, like The Mandalorian, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Attack on Titan, and Hunter x Hunter.

I also love to spend time working on my non-profit organization Goggles for Guppies, which I co-founded with my twin brother in 2011 to help provide underprivileged families with important swimming equipment. In doing so, we hope to minimize the risk of childhood drowning, and you can find more information on our website.